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What is Stretch ceiling? 

As we all know what is ceiling? ceiling is a space that covers upper limit of a room.
firstlly ceiling spaces are not that fancy or interesting. most of time ceiling spaces are blank space which doesn’t look interesting to look upto. but as people become innovating they use to decorate the ceiling space by using pop, color & paint and other stuff. but these stuffs are handy and it consume time and effort.

What is PVC stretch ceiling?

As people become more innovating and find easy way to do that they invented stretch febric ceilings. firstlly found in europe, stretch ceiling then become popular across the globe. but here in india it is in trend in last 5 years. 
Stretch ceilings are pvc febric sheets that can use as a main film in stretch ceiling installation. as you can see in the image.

What is PVC?
PVC stands for polyvinyle cholride a cemical substance which is a polymer.

In actual stretch ceiling is a PVC febric which can easilly stretch and gain its originol shape. when heated with blower it stretch and then become thight. we use stretch ceiling because it is easy to install and it is fire resist, water resist and 10 years of life span. LED modules is used inside it to give a smooth and decorative finish.

LED Strip is used in between the ceiling and febric. LED light can be of any color. most of time stretch ceiling is use in office space, meuseum, showroom and luxarieous hotels and malls. it comes in diifreent varient.

What is stretch ceiling