Glossy Stretch ceiling India

Glossy Stretch ceilings India  provides best glossy ceilings. This type of ceiling gives  a luxurious look and xxtraceil glossy comes in different colors and shades. Firstly this type of  ceilings are very popular in restaurant, bars & aquarium. Although our team has traind for this perticular ceiling but it takes extra effort because it takes extra time for smooth finishing.

Stretch ceiling Glossy India

Glossy stretch ceiling design

Features of Xxtraceil Translucent Stretch Ceiling

  • Allows you to give the evenly dim enlightenment lights transmittance.
  • An enormous flawless distance of up to 5m breadth
  • LED Backlighting.
  • Modify moods with dim controls for the  lighting

The concept of Xxtraceil stretch ceiling translucent

In Addition Stretch ceiling system, made from unique PVC covering, Stretched with a hot air blower and set to proprietary euro profiles. Therefore special locking system allows the covering to fit efficiently into aluminium profiles (euro profiles) and enables its deletion with the same ease. Above all elasticity of the covering allows designers to understand every kind of shapes and size of stretch ceilings and walls.

Features of Xxtraceil glossy Stretch Ceiling System

  • Firstly Fast and fresh Installation
  • Completely available at any point on the perimeter
  • Sealed
  • Watertight
  • Mildew and Humidity Resistant
  • Simply Cleanable
  • Free maintenance
  • Hygienic
  • Extremely Acoustical
  • Capability to hold a load
  • Electric Shock Resistant and bendable
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Capability to simply make Shapes
  • Long life

    In Conclusion Glossy Stretch ceiling is the one point solution for all interior demands.  In other words you need not worry about the ceiling re installation as it is our concern because we give 1 year free service and 5 years febric warranty.