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Stretch ceiling prices india

Stretch ceiling prices in india is varies as you go for one company to another. Some provide less in quality but ask for high rates. some will provide modrate prices but quality is not that good.

xxtraceil is provides best german quality with 10 years of warranty. if our product have any deffect within 10 years we will replace with the new one.

As prices varies among the various supplier but there is also a difference in stretch ceiling prices as we provide different varaiety of products. prices varies for different product. for example we provide Translucent stretch ceiling at 250-450 per sqfeet.

This rate is for translucent stretch ceilings only. for printed stretch ceiling it cost around 600-750 per sq. feet. Printed or graphics ceiling are high resolution printed stretched films. it comes in different styles. one who want to print their favourite wallpaper or image etc can give us the order. also prices varies according to area as well if the area is larger then we provide discount as well.

printed stretch ceiling
Translucent Stretch ceiling india