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About Xxtraceil

Xxtraceil Stretch ceiling is India’s no.1 stretch ceiling Manufacturer and installation service provider . We provide a varied collection of acoustic stretch ceiling in India, backlit ceiling, suede or velvet finish to create enchanting interiors. Xxtraceil decorating solution for home, office and large commercial areas like theatre or opera house, an auditorium with better lasting and acoustic comfort.
We design and build ceiling and wall concepts that stretch the boundary of artistic taste innovations in interior spaces, one challenging project at a time. Our ceiling is flexible to any shape, size or design that you have in your mind and helps to gain more ceiling ideas for interior design according to surroundings. 
Stretch ceiling India

What is stretch ceiling?

We invite you to discover the video of a XxtraCeil stretch ceiling installation.
This short video shows you how to install a XxtraCeil stretch ceiling. It recorded at an international construction exhibition, Bathmat.
The video simulates a water damage (by a man in the ceiling). After the damage, the water is pull off the ceiling, and the ceiling can stretched again with a specific heater. Then, The ceiling comes back to its initial shape.
It’s just amazing!
Glossy ceiling India: –
Glossy Stretch Ceiling is used in offices, kitchens, Bedrooms etc. The glossy stretch ceiling is also an atmosphere friendly or Eco-friendly. The glossy stretch ceiling is not harmful to peoples. Glossy Beds don’t create mold even after forceful overflowing. The glossy stretch ceiling is water resistance. So in case of flood, it saves your all furniture from flood water. The glossy stretch ceiling is easily installed.
3D stretch ceiling India is very good-looking for giving an attractive look in the offices. We have the capability for converting your imagination into reality. The lifeline of the 3D stretch ceiling is same as the lifeline for glossy stretch ceiling which is more than 25 years.
The Translucent stretch ceiling India has become a truthful breakout ceiling which joins the lighting and a ceiling into the solo system. Due to this feature, it is simply possible to linking a ceiling with lighting. The translucent stretch ceiling can also be linked with other technical answers.
The Picture printing on the translucent stretch ceiling films is looking very exciting and good-looking. According to stretch ceiling In India, the translucent stretch ceiling films are one of the best stretch ceiling designs.



A 3D stretch ceiling India: –
Translucent stretch ceiling India:
A graphic stretch ceiling India: –

Graphic stretch ceiling India it means that you can choose your design according to your need. After that, we convert your need into realistic and artistic. The graphics stretch ceiling is also to produce your own design and you have to give your design to our company in the form of graphics file up to 1200 dpi.